Getting Started Guide


Advance Fitness – Positively Life Changing 

Welcome and congratulations on taking a big step towards a more active and healthier lifestyle with the team at Advance Fitness!  We are so pleased to have you here checking out how we can help with your journey.  This is our passion; we hope it will also be yours. 

Whether you would like to be stronger, fitter, leaner or faster – we have everything you need to get the fitness results you really want! 

We understand that as a beginner (or returning after a bit of a break) can be exciting, but also a little daunting. So, we have put together this guide to help you out with everything you’ll need to know about getting started at Advance Fitness.  

What should I bring?

Nothing fancy needed. Just be comfortable and safe.

When you come in for a workout, wear comfortable clothes and appropriate fully covered training shoes.  Safety is a huge priority, so no bare feet, thongs, crocs or sandals.

Bring a training towel (you can buy one at the club) to place on equipment and don’t forget a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.  For your convenience, we have lockers or shelves to allow you to store your gym bag, jumper, etc.

For Group Fitness classes that have floor work, such as Yoga – we have mats that you can use, or otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.  Yoga classes are usually done in socks or bare feet. However, please wear shoes into the class and remove them once there.

Designed for You

All memberships include an Initial Goal Review and a Personalised Fitness Program. The Initial Goal Review is a chance to talk to your trainer about the fitness goals you’d love to achieve. Your trainer will then be guided by your goals, and your current fitness level to design a personalised fitness program.

Your trainer will then run through your program with you in the gym, so you’ll know exactly how all the equipment works, what weights to use and so on. They’ll ensure that you feel super comfortable and confident in what you are doing. Your workout will be challenging, but always safe.

Gold Membership includes regular Goal Reviews and Fitness Program updates to help you stay on track to your goals.

Get the results you really want

Following is a quick look at which facilities will help you get to your specific fitness goals most effectively.  Remember, though – do what you enjoy!  If you enjoy your training, you’ll keep at it.  If you keep at it, you’ll achieve the results you really want!

STRONGER – build muscle, lift more, improve your core strength & posture

Free and machine weights, plus for extra fun and motivation try resistance based Group Fitness classes, such as BodyPump.

LEANER – lose weight, reduce body fat, firm & tone

All areas of the gym.  Weight training can help to build muscle, which increases metabolism and helps you burn fat.  High energy cardio-based Group Fitness classes burn a heap of energy.  A combination of weight-based training and cardio based is the golden key!

FITTER – improve cardiovascular capacity, run/walk/cycle further, enjoy activies, keep up with the kids…

Our extensive range of cardio equipment is ideal for improving your fitness.  There is a range of options, and your trainer can run through how they all work and how to set them up for the exact workout you are after.  Cardio based Group Fitness classes, such as BodyStep are also great options to boost your fitness with a fun and motivational vibe.

FASTER – improve sports performance,  run/walk/ride further & faster

All areas of the gym.  If you’d like to be faster for your sport, training that help build strength, reduces excess body fat, improves balance and coordination, increase core strength will all help.  Consider weight training, functional training, and cardio based Group Fitness.

FEEL GREAT – less stress, more energy, improved sleep, enhanced mood, flexibility & mobility

All areas of the gym can help here.  Exercise of any type can be great for releasing endorphins to help you feel great naturally.  For the ultimate mind-body experience check out Body Balance. Your trainer will also ensure that your program includes stretches that will maintain your flexibility and joint mobility, that will allow you to make the most of your new levels of strength & fitness. 

Meet the Team

Get to know some of our inspirational team members and how they will offer the ultimate support on your journey!

Club Manger Conon Street

“Beginning my health and fitness journey in Ireland, Australia and then settling in Invercargill, I can say I have enjoyed working at Advance Fitness the most! My favourite thing about managing this gym, by far, are the people. My aim is to always do the best I can possibly do for all the members and support my team too! Everyone is best mate’s, they are all supportive of each other and so kind to new people coming in. I can guarantee you’ll have the best support from our wonderful team!” – Dave

Group Fitness Coordinator

“I love helping members through their fitness journeys, so much so, I have been an instructor for over 35 years! The drive and boost I get by encouraging and motivating members of all fitness levels to try our amazing Group Fitness classes. Watching them succeed and seeing their smiling faces every day is amazing! We particularly love beginners or first time class goers giving our classes a try! ” – Paula

Club Manger Dee Street

“Advance Fitness is the perfect place to start feeling great, from the very first day working here I knew the community feel was second to none! I am always so excited to meet new members! The joy I have from seeing members achieve results is so rewarding! I always look forward to meeting new people, showing them that anything is possible, especially with the best support in place to get them on the right path.” – Andrew

Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer

“Even when I started using the gym at Advance Fitness before starting my job in Gym Instruction and Personal Training, I knew this gym was all about it’s members, from the inviting staff at reception, to the great members who become a second family. By introducing myself to new members and continuing their fitness journeys with my assistance, I believe you can enjoy life while still achieving success. I would be thrilled to assist you on your fitness journey!” – Jared

About Us

Achieve, inspire and motivate!

At Advance Fitness our goal is to help more people enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to offer a fun, friendly and comfortable place to workout, a gym where you will never feel judged or intimidated. We look forward to seeing you at the Club soon!